Vito Tree Care & Land Management, Inc.


                                                                  Residential and Commercial

We are one of the largest suppliers of firewood in New Jersey and Metro New York City area.

Delivery is FREE. The firewood can be delivered in measurements ranging from, a half-cord, a cord or several cords. The firewood is delivered dumped or stacked (stacking requires an additional charge).
Our residential firewood is a combination of hardwoods (oak, maple & ash). The wood is split 18 inches.

In addition to a large residential cliental, we supply firewood to the most popular restaurants, pizzerias, grills, bakeries and hotels.
Whatever your commercial firewood preference is, we can accommodate your unique requirements.

Quality and service is important to you and to us.

Call for a quote or to schedule a delivery at: (201) 461-9487         

Fireplace Safety

Copy and paste the link below in your web browser to find out the safest way to use and maintain your fireplace: 

What is a cord of wood?

          The cord is a unit of measure of dry volume used in Canada and the United States to measure firewood and pulpwood. A cord is   the  amount of wood that, when "ranked and well stowed" (arranged so pieces are aligned, parallel, touching and compact), occupies a volume of 128 cubic feet (3.62 m3). This corresponds to a well stacked woodpile 4 feet (122 cm) wide, 4 feet (122 cm) high, and 8 feet (244 cm) long; or any other arrangement of linear measurements that yields the same volume.

The name cord probably comes from the use of a  cord or string  to measure it.